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Our Mission

It shall be the mission of Historic New Carlisle, Inc. to safeguard the heritage of our community and to teach the value of preserving the standing reminders of our rich history.

Historic New Carlisle, Inc. shall assist whenever possible in the efforts to preserve and/or restore the buildings, landmarks, and artifacts which reflect elements of our cultural, social, spiritual, economic, political and architectural history, and when necessary, Historic New Carlisle, Inc. shall counsel against the destruction or destructive alteration of these buildings, landmarks and artifacts.

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We are working to collect archival material related to New Carlisle and surrounding area so that it can be cataloged, preserved and available to future generations who want to learn more about the community. Donations of materials such as photos, newspapers, and other items are greatly appreciated!



Historic New Carlisle, Inc. has been actively involved in the preservation of historic properties throughout its 30 year history. The organization has invested in the community through the rehabilitation of the Old Republic, the Casaday House, and both buildings of the former Home Cafe restaurant. 

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We strive to educate the public at all ages about the history of the community. This has been done through architectural walking tours, and the production of a walking tour brochure, presentations, and local history exhibits on various subjects including the history of New Carlisle, area schools, and our veterans. 

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